Are you tired of getting punctures? Safety Wheel 2 Tyre Sealant makes it a distant memory! Simply add a dose of Safety Wheel 2 inside the tyre and continue working without costly and time-consuming stoppages.

Safety Wheel 2 contains no harmful substances, is non-toxic, latex-free and completely biodegradable, does not react chemically with rubber or air, and spills can be easily washed away with water. All this makes Safety Wheel 2 tyre sealant a product that is of highest quality and not harmful to health or the environment. This is a  Water based sealant for tyres which is applied as a preventive measure. Settles in an even film against the whole tyre's inner liner and therefore does not affect the balance. If an object penetrates the tyre, the damage is sealed immediately without air loss. Can be used to seal punctures / damage up to 16 mm long, leaking o-rings or leaking wheel rims.